4 advantages of working with Comersan

Every time a new Contract project arrives at Comersan it is a challenge. From the commercial department, the idea is transferred to the design and production departments, where all the work begins. First of all, the idea of the project has to be captured in order to find the most suitable fabrics, colours, designs and collections that are going to be used in the hotel refurbishment. Then starts the work of creating everything in the factory to control the quality of each fabric, later it is only necessary to place everything and see the final result.

When doing this process inside the Comersan factory there are four advantages, which our customers always highlight... Take note.

Flame retardant fabrics with any colour or weave

In hotels, restaurants or cafeterias, safety protocols state that all the fabrics we use must be fireproof. In this sense, at Comersan we not only have fireproof fabrics that comply with all the regulations, but we can also make any fabric and print that complies with these regulations.

An example of such work can be found in the Hotel RIU Lanzarote, which has just reopened on the island.

We find any colour for you

In design there are a thousand colours, shades and tones. At Comersan, when we sit down to start configuring all the details of the process, we have colour charts as recognised as NCS, Pantone or RAL to adjust to each tone and personalise each drawing of our collections to the maximum.

An example that illustrates very well the personalization and all the options we have is the Hotel RIU Chiclana. In this project, in order to adapt to the design of the hotel, the curtains, the bed plaids and all the cushions were manufactured exclusively.

Another example is the Hotel Cala Llonga in Menorca.

Do you have something in mind? 

Talking about customised designs goes far beyond modifying some colours. In this case, we are capable of creating unique designs from scratch for each project. In this way, we give shape to all the challenges posed to us by decoration and interior design studios.

An example of this strength was the possibility of producing a fabric that perfectly imitated an ethnic artisan weave. Imitating both the texture and the colours used in this type of fabric.

Control at every step

Finally, innovation would be nothing without a great team behind it. The whole process is guided from the factory and we are in contact with you at all times so that you can evaluate the result, make the relevant changes and deal with every detail of your new contract project .