5 advantages of Ultradark fabric

The Ultradark fabricis always one of the most demanded fabrics in our Contract projects and we are not surprised at all. Here, we are going to see in detail five reasons to choose it...

1. A fabric that is 1,000 times more concealing than other fabrics in the same category. Achieving total darkness is one of the fundamental premises to provide a good rest to your customers. At the same time, it achieves absolute privacy. Thus, it has become the most demanded fabric in hotel rooms.

2. It is a totally fireproof fabric that complies with all the safety guarantees and certificates required for installation in hotels, restaurants or public places.

3. The Ultradark fabric is created entirely in Comersan and one of its great strengths is that it is free of synthetics in its composition. At the same time we achieve a natural drape and it looks perfect in decoration. It has a unique feel and does not remind us of the heavy opaque curtains that we find in some hotels.

4. Another of the maxims we pursued in the creation of Ultradark fabrics was that they should be completely washable. In this way, they can be used in areas where people pass through or where there is a lot of activity and they will last as long as the first day.

5. Maximum customisation, not only will you be able to choose any shade from the Pantone, NCS and RAL charts, but you can also choose them bi-colour. A real breakthrough to get the most out of the decoration as we see in the Parque San Cristobal hotel.

Within the Ultradark fabrics we have three collections, to make it even easier. In this case, you can choose between Geodark, Natudark and Unidark.