7 things you don't know about our ULTRADARK fabric 

Conceived and manufactured at Comersan from start to finish, the Ultradark fabric is a source of pride for us, since we have put all our innovation and know-how into each fiber. Haven't you heard of it yet? Read carefully its seven strengths and why it has become a reference in all new contract projects.

1. A thousand times more concealing than other dark fabrics on the market.

In extreme light conditions, it maintains maximum darkness inside the room. Much more effective than other blackout fabrics on the market, ensuring optimal rest and total privacy in the room.

In the picture the Domes Resort hotel on the island of Zakynthos.

2. Unlimited customization for each project

By manufacturing the fabric, we can adapt to any requirement, design and color required by the decoration project. We work with RAL, Pantone and NCS charts for unlimited customization.

Ramada Hotel in Romania

3. Toxic free, natural drape on curtains.

I'm sure you remember the traditional blackout fabrics; they were heavy and synthetic. The Ultradark fabric is free of toxics and its drape is absolutely natural. A decisive point here is that Ultradark fabrics can be washed without problems and do not fade.

In the image the hotel May Altafulla, to see all the details click here

4. We achieve bicolor effects for a unique decoration.

Within the customization, we can apply two colors to each fabric, to create curtains with bicolor effect. We offer you to choose the two colors you want and adjust the size of each stripe. Here is an example of a work done at Hotel San Cristobal.

In the picture, the rooms of the HD Parque San Cristobal hotel.

5. Fire retardant, complies with the most stringent regulations. 

Safety is the most important thing for us. Ultradark fabrics can be used in all types of contract projects, with all the guarantees and in full compliance with safety standards. 

In the picture the RIU Jambo Hotel in Zanzibar

6. Different textures and finishes

Within the Ultradark fabrics, you will find three different collections. On the one hand, Geodark, a matte fabric with a minimalist finish. Naturdark is your favorite if you like marbled effects and, finally, Uridark achieves a slightly shiny and very elegant look.

7. Why is it always the favorite in hotels? 

In our "Contract" section, you can see how this fabric is in great demand in hotels around the world. It can be combined with our sheers to achieve a total control of light so that the customer feels comfortable and can rest.