7 textile trends that will be strong this summer

Although most of the trends and colours that I am going to highlight are timeless and always work great in living rooms and bedrooms, with the arrival of summer they go up a notch and are much more appealing. Whether in businesses, exteriors or homes, these are the keys to understanding everything that is coming in the world of decoration in this summer 2021, which we are launching today.

Flowers and colourful details

The return to the countryside and the simple life play a central role in the so-called farm style. Liberty flowers, soft tones and details that make all the difference. From cushions to plaids, quilts and beds.

Within Comersan, if you like this style, you have to pay attention to the Amazonas and Mildred collections. 

Bright prints and colours

Undoubtedly, colours transmit emotions and sensations, in fact colourimetry studies their effect on our brain and behaviour. Some tones such as blue are able to relax us and yellow puts us in a good mood. 

If you want extra vitality, don't miss some of Comersan's collections such as Mediterranean, Olimpia and Miami

Stripes for the sailor look

They are a basic that are repeated every year and with the arrival of high temperatures they are even more appealing . From stripes in neutral tones to the mythical white and blue. At Comersan, if you like this style, you can't miss the Velero collection, which is also resistant to humidity and suitable for outdoor use. 

Green, back to nature

Of course, green had to be present in these trends. The return to nature can be seen in the predominance of wood, natural fibres and textiles. Among the most romantic and nature-related collections you have to take a look at Babel y Azores.

Pink, blue and orange to freshen up the atmosphere

Whether plain or patterned, two of the shades that speak directly to summer are pinks and oranges. In this case, they go great with grey and neutral tones, you can use them in cushions on the sofa, the upholstery of the chairs in a room, or on the bed. 

Here if you like vitamin tones, the Atlantis, Foster or Moon collections, if you prefer intense and plain tones. 

Romanticism and country life

The Toscana collection had to have its own space, as it is a trend in its own right. When talking about summer, we tend to look towards the sea, but what about the village or mountain life? In this case, this collection of soft colours and floral prints is capable of transporting you to those sensations. 

Whites for more Mediterranean atmospheres

Finally, white is always a good choice in any season of the year. In summer, as well as giving light, creating a sense of space and cleanliness, they transport us to the most Mediterranean spaces. Combine them with greens and earth tones for this purpose or with soft greys and pinks for a more Scandinavian feel.

Which trend do you like the most for summer? What colours do you usually choose for textiles?