Cotton, the secret of the best beds

Entering a bed with clean sheets, well stretched and with a light scent of fabric softener. Few pleasures are so simple and feel so good, but there's a trick to the feeling of a brand new bed.

If you think about the beds you've slept best in, both at home and in hotels, I'll tell you that they all have something in common .cotton sheets! 

A bit of history... 

Almost all of us have in mind the great cotton fields of the southern United States, but few of us know that cotton fiber comes from Mexico and there are remnants of it in 5,500 BC.

In Europe it was introduced by Alexander the Great, when it began to be used in Greek and Egyptian clothing and textiles. Cotton soon became the most widely used fiber, its soft touch and breathability have brought it to our days as the best choice for clothing and for our bedding. 

In fact, they are used in all hotels around the world, especially since the seventies in white to represent cleanliness and neatness. At the same time, the breathability ensures that you don't get hot and sweaty, which is essential for quality sleep.

PERCAL COT cotton on your bed 

COT PERCAL cotton is one of our basic and most demanded collections in hotels, since the beds are memorable when you try the quality of our fabric . At the same time, the collection has a multitude of colors, from neutrals to pinks, greens or blues, to adapt to any decorative style.

Percale is a high quality fabric. The characteristic of this type of fabric is that it is dense and very regular. The fibers of the yarns are chosen longer to prevent them from breaking, they cross each other and it requires a minimum of 80 yarns to have this category. 

In this case, the cotton percale COT offers great flexibility and resistance. In this way, we get soft, resistant sheets whose color does not change with washing, which ensures that our sheets always make the best beds in the world.