Blue & red, a trend in sight

Getting up in the morning and seeing the sea... This is one of the great attractions of Suite at Sea. Luxury flats on the beachfront, where the challenge was to decorate them without detracting one iota of prominence from the Mediterranean Sea that seeps through every window.

Blue and red, trend and colour

There is no doubt about it, they are two colours with character and a lot of life that contrast perfectly. At Comersan, as we can customise everything, we are not afraid to play with these tones and see the options to create decorations that make a difference. In this case, the sofas were upholstered with our ECCO fabric in two tones.

The upholstery of the sofas designed for the project means that the touch of blue is maintained in the main room of the flat. In fact, the personalisation of the detail is so high that, as a curiosity, the frames of the paintings are made with the same fabric.

On this occasion, we had the images printed and placed with fabric frames in the living room and bedroom .

Plaid, cushions and details

The bedrooms on this occasion, not only maintain the blue of the sea, but also create a contrast in primary tones such as red. A risky bet, which turns out to be a success to give a modern and colourful air to this space.

On this occasion, Comersan made the duvet covers with our COT fabric. At the same time, the same fabric was used for the cushions and plaid as for the sofas, with a special feature. The logo of the business was embroidered on each plaid, a detail that always gives personality and that we can offer thanks to the fact that we manufacture everything in detail in our facilities.