Welcome to Hillsboro Beach Hotel

A breathtaking climate, with average temperatures of 25 degrees all year round and 1350 miles of coastline, make Florida one of the most visited places in the United States. Today we visit Hillsboro Beach Hotel, a modern, simple and very creative beachfront environment.

The premises of the entire refurbishment and construction of the hotel, in which we have had the good fortune to participate, were to design multipurpose environments full of comfort and luxury, to design the dream holiday for each client . As you can see in the images, the textiles are once again responsible for creating cosy atmospheres in the hotel rooms. The aim is always to make you feel at home when you arrive.

The secret of comfort and convenience in a hotel

More than 300 days of sunshine a year and breathtaking views over the sea are one of the attractions of this hotel and the entire Florida coast. The counterpoint is that the light is very intense and the heat too, so the curtains are the secret to feel comfortable in the rooms.

At Comersan we have taken care of the curtains and light control. On the one hand, Ultradark fabric has been chosen in all the rooms to prevent the entry of light and improve rest. At the same time, the Ultradark fabric (synthetic-free) has a perfect drape and is indispensable for keeping out light at night or during the hottest hours.

To adjust the lighting, the drop of the curtains is combined with sheers made from Linopol. A very fine white fabric that filters the light, gives a lot of clarity and creates very relaxed atmospheres.