Upholstered armchairs and blinds, details that make a difference

Designing and working on the creation of a hotel is a great challenge. The bedrooms, where rest and calmness have to prevail; the common areas, such as restaurants, bars and hall or even the exterior.

A challenge, because many textiles and designs are needed to give coherence to everything. Today we are going to put the accent on the blinds, a very special work, and the upholstery of the armchairs, which marks the colors of the space.

Double-sided blinds, the solution for a perfect décor

In the Karamboa hotel, located in Cape Verde, double-sided blinds have been designed and manufactured. The maxim is that, both outdoors and indoors, it is decorated and perfectly visible from both places.

The blinds are designed with four pleats and two sides. In the images, you can see the details. 

Fabrics for upholstery of armchairs

New colors and patterns are the ones that define the decoration of any space; at the same time, they transmit elegance, sophistication and delicacy in every environment. 

Fabrics suitable for upholstery must be resistant, fire retardant and easy to wash in order to be useful and practical. Here you have a report on the characteristics that fabrics need to have fabrics that are used in upholstery.

On this occasion, everything is customized to the maximum and the fabric of the armchairs is an exclusive design. Digital printing is the best tool to achieve a unique drawing and color quality.

The design is signed by the interior design and architecture studio Deart.es. An exclusive space that is focused on the design of hotels, fortunately, we can work with them on many projects and make reality with our fabrics.

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