Cabo de gata, a hotel in paradise

The Cabo de Gata Natural Park, in Almeria, is considered a nature reserve and is one of the most beautiful environments in our country . Stunning beaches, the light of the Mediterranean and a very peaceful place to spend your holidays. In this enclave is located the Hotel Barcelo de Cabo de Gata, a small paradise that has just reopened its doors, after a complete refurbishment.

The hotel has a modern, simple design and the priority of designing bedrooms to take care of its guests and achieve a better rest. For this reason, all rooms have been fitted with our curtains.

Ultradark Curtains in Cabo de Gata

In total, the hotel has 230 very spacious, bright and simply decorated rooms. Uridark curtains have been chosen for these rooms. Made from one of the collections of our Ultradark fabric.

These fabrics are 1,000 times more concealing than others and, at the same time, they are made without synthetic substances, which achieves an incredible and very elegant drape. At the same time, it is manufactured exclusively (it is a Comersan patent), so we can customise as much as possible and use different catalogues to find the perfect shade.

In this way, in each room we achieve a much deeper rest and total intimacy. At the same time, white net curtains (NEW ETAMIN IG BCO) have been installed to make the most of the light.

Do you like this combination?