Cala Llonga, new hotel in Menorca

Comersan has been fully involved in the new Hotel Cala Llonga on the island of Menorca. Blue waters, white sand and the Mediterranean sun... Both components are present in the decoration. Emphasis has been placed on the personalisation of every detail, such as the printed sheets or the printed fabrics in the dining room area. Below, we share some images and tell you the details of all the work.

We start in the bedrooms, the bed sheets are a design of ours. Specifically it is the print Samana from the collection Atlantis. In this case, we worked on the colours so that the adaptation to the decoration would be perfect. By designing everything and being present at every step of the project, we can create this type of fabrics at the request of the client or the interior design studio.

Another of the striking pieces of this job is the leatherette sofa you can see in the photo. In this case, at Comersan we are able to print on leatherette to further customize upholstery. In conclusion, you'll see our Vaniaplus cushions from our Kenia collection.

Essential curtains for relaxation

Rest is intimately linked to the darkness of your room. It has been proven that sleeping without light means that we have fewer micro-awakenings and our sleep lasts longer and, consequently, is more restful.

In this sense, it was clear to Hotel Cala Llongo that they needed total darkness during the night so that their guests would be taken care of as well as a thinner fabric so as not to lose the light of the island during the day .

The solution was to opt for the LINOPOL IG BC net curtain, which lets in light and creates soothing rooms, and the Vaniablack fabric in ecru to guarantee darkness, thanks to the Blck out qualities.