The paintings not only take us to England and the elegance of its houses, but also convey peace and serenity at every moment. Undoubtedly, one of the secrets of its success and timelessness. In fact, the first time this print, the mythical tartan, was mentioned was in 1538 in the Highlands (Scotland). 

In its beginnings, this type of painting was done on wool with mosses and plants of the region to achieve the different tones. Now, the London collection maintains that British essence, its elegance and a high-definition print developed with digital simulation techniques.

Stripes, plaids and checks

Following the same chromatic palettes, in the collection we find plains, stripes and checks to be able to mix and decorate your room, without limitations and in a very intuitive way .

Our design team is at your disposal, but everything is designed so that you dare to play with curtains, upholstery and cushions that combine perfectly in the same space. 

The secret lies in high-definition printing. 

When you see the collection, the sensation it transmits is so realistic that it looks as if it is woven. This effect is achieved thanks to the simulation work developed by our design department and also thanks to the high definition printing processes that we follow at Comersan. In this way, without losing beauty or texture, we achieve fabrics that are more resistant, fire retardant and suitable for dressing any corner. 

From transit areas, hotel rooms or restaurants... If your maxim is to create a timeless decoration, very warm and where everyone wants to stay much longer, London is designed for you!


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