Tender Collection, an explosion of colour

Creating a new collection? Undoubtedly one of the most exciting processes at Comersan. Before closing each collection, the design department studies colours, different prints and determines the essence of the collection. In this design process, in the Tender collectionIn this design process, new colours, casual patterns and a combination of tones, which are easy to apply to any environment, are sought after.

In fact, the collection is designed for curtains, bed linen, cushions and upholstery. In all cases, the fabric is of the highest quality, fire retardant (essential in contract projects) and easy to clean, which guarantees its use in any room or premises.

How to combine the colours of the TENDER collection

Although it seems complicated to see intense colours, the collection contemplates how to combine everything, successfully, without having to resort to the typical whites or neutrals . In this case, in the collection you have the most intense plain tones such as mustard, coral, blue, yellow, light blue... Then, we move on to prints, stripes and drawings where white has more presence. In this way, you can find everything you need to dress up a whole room.

If you are creating a new youth project, a children's project or a very dynamic environment without fear of colour , Tender is tailor-made for you. Remember that each job is unique and if you want us to make a project to your needs, you can contact us at info@comersan.com