Versailles Collection, elegance and classicism

You only need to look at the images of the new Versailles collection to describe it as luxurious, classic, majestic... If we go a step further, to better understand this type of fabrics, we have to travel to France at the beginning of the 19th century, specifically to 1804. At this time Joseph Marie Jacqueard was a French weaver and merchant who was looking to strengthen and expand his business.

Being always in direct contact with the workshop, she became obsessed with the number of hours wasted in embroidering or working with silk. Her ingenuity led her to create a new loom where the silk was not embroidered but directly woven with complicated shapes, sheens and incredible details. In this way, jacquard was born and its influence quickly spread to decoration and fashion.

To understand how much progress was made and how much time was saved, it is enough to note that in just 10 years 11,000 jacquard looms were installed in France. This little story is the perfect excuse to show the details and elegance of the Versailles collection.

The keys to elegance

Jacquard fabrics in general and the Versailles collection in particular, in addition to their elegance, have other properties that make them a great choice for curtains, upholstery and cushions . Firstly, the position of the yarn makes them much more resistant and durable than other fabrics. In fact, in abrasion and resistance tests they always give exceptional results.

On the other hand, due to its thickness, this type of fabric is heavier and does not crease, so it is the best option for restaurants, areas with a lot of footfall or traffic. It is no coincidence that we always associate them with sofas, armchairs and sofas.

A plus in design

This type of fabric is not only marked by its resistance, but the patterns and designs are unique, complicated and full of details. In particular, the Versailles collection is full of damasks and colours such as silver, blue or grey that remind us of the great palaces, the elegant houses of the 19th century and the beauty of timelessness .

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