Neutral colours and basic collections in Contract

Neutral tones are always the most chosen by the architecture and interior design studios we work with. Whether we are talking about hotels, public spaces or restaurants, they are all aware of the importance of using these colours and fabrics to create harmonious spaces.

However, we are going to show you the wardrobe collections, that is, those elements that work very well in any environment and decorative style. At the same time, it's time to talk about why neutrals are always the best idea.

Neutral tones in the contract world

Colours are a very powerful tool when it comes to decorating, thanks to them we transmit emotions and we can generate sensations in the person who enters the space. In the case of neutral tones, we transmit peace, calm and tranquility. With these premises, it is normal that it is used in bedrooms and areas where the priority is to disconnect and stop.

Neutral tones relax the brain, which is why they can also be used in reception areas, restaurants, cafeterias or even in offices and areas where extra concentration is needed. At the same time, these tones, which can range from beige to grey, combine with any style, furniture material or finish.

Hotel MayAltafulla in neutral and soft tones

Which Comersan collections are best sellers?

If we're talking about neutrals, which always work. We have to turn to the collections that are always a yes, as we know they are going to work and are almost always the ones chosen. Do you want us to give you some clues? Of course, bearing in mind that customisation is total and that we can look at new colours, tones or prints to suit your project.

Example of Ultradark Curtains in the Barcelo Hotel in Cabo de Gata

In curtains you can combine fireproof net curtains and Ultradark fabric curtains (both Natudark and Uridark). In this way, luminosity and light entry are controlled to perfection, personalising each project to the maximum. About Ultradark fabric you have information on our website and in our blog article.

Detail of the Daytona collection

The upholstery is fundamental and makes a big difference to the décor. Here some basic collections (neutral tones, fireproof, very resistant) are Nola, Daytona and Vigore. At the same time, in bedspreads, plaids and decorative cushions we can mention collections such as Amber, Home, Sirocco, Foster, Nordic, Onawa or Liberty.

If you are thinking of renovating your decoration or you are starting a project from scratch, you can talk to us and we will help you through the whole process, from the fully customised design to the installation.