How is the quality of outdoor fabrics measured?

The sun and natural light that architects and interior designers seek to emphasize in their work are a challenge for us as manufacturers of outdoor fabrics. In fact, in some areas of Spain, such as Andalusia or the Valencian Community, the sun is the protagonist more than 300 days a year.

In order to regulate quality and to have a common standard to measure the color fastness, there is the ISO 105-B04-1998 standard. This standard assesses color fastness on a scale of 1 to 8. Understanding that 1 would be for fabrics with little resistance or with very poor results and 8 for fabrics with excellent color fastness.

At Comersan we have had remarkable results, by submitting our outdoor fabrics to this standard, our fabric has had a 6-7 on the scale of 6 to 8. Oasis collection has had a 6-7 on the scale, excellent results that endorse us as the best solution for use in outdoor contract projects and hotels.

Before beginning a complete remodeling project, you can always consult with us so we can explain which fabrics are best suited for your needs and which articles we can guarantee the best color fastness results.