Contract, much more than a final result

Contract projects , whether in hotels, businesses or restaurants, are exciting. From the very first minute we are immersed in the ideas of the interior designers and architects, we live the creation process, we participate in the most important decisions and we see the final result first hand.

Undoubtedly, we can only experience this process because we take responsibility for everything from the factory. From the first sketches, the choice of the most suitable fabrics for each need, the design and manufacture. Once out of the factory we also carry out the assembly to see the final result first hand. 

From the curtains to the details on the plaids

Project at the Hotel Montíboli

Only with this integral way of working, we are able to pay attention to all stages of the product and know that nothing escapes our control. From the placement of #ultradark curtains to prevent the entry of light, the favourite fabrics in hotels, to fireproof net curtains or plaid, a small detail that makes a difference .

In the post on made-to-measure plaid, we show an example of a plaid where, thanks to a made-to-measure jacquard, the pattern of ceilings and headboards can be replicated. In this way, the integration in the decoration is perfect.

An example of work that becomes a challenge

We always like to take on new Contract projects that become real challenges. In this case, the Garland hotel is located in the theme park of the same name in Italy. 

In a place where fantasy is the leitmotiv, nothing is conventional and the level of detail and personalisation of the textiles ensures that the magic continues in each room. In the images you can see in detail how we developed the bedspreads, decorative cushions, plaids and curtains so that nothing loses the essence of the place.