Curtains in two colours, contract design!

At Comersan we always aim to personalise each project. In some of the last jobs we have done, the curtains in two colours have been a resounding success and we want to show you the result. The curtains are made in Ultradark® fabric, in this way, beyond the aesthetics, we help to block the entry of light and get the best rest for the customer.

The Ultradark® fabric is a Comersan patent. greatest achievement lies in manufacturing a fabric that is 1,000 times more concealing than any dim out fabric. At the same time, it is made without using synthetics (the drape is wonderful for curtains), is fully washable and flame retardant. These characteristics make it our most demanded fabric in hotels and contract projects. Below, we are going to see some examples where bi-colour curtains have been installed.

Hotel San Cristobal and The Central House

First of all, we travel to the island of Gran Canaria to the San Cristobal hotel where the curtains have been chosen in two colours. In all cases, not only can both colours be chosen to suit the style of the hotel, but the height of the coloured strips can also be chosen.

The case of The Central House in the centre of Madrid is very special, because the Ultradark® curtains have not only been commissioned for the windows to block out the light, but they are so concealing that in the shared rooms they give privacy to each bed.