Technical curtains to improve your rest

Whether in your home or in hotels when we travel, it is the curtains and the choice of the right fabrics that are responsible for ensuring that you get the best possible night's sleep thanks to the correct light and sound gradient. 

Curtains and light regulation in your bedroom

Before telling you about the characteristics of the fabric, it is essential to be clear about the importance of darkness when going to sleep. According to Dr. Jesús Escribá Alepuz, director of the Institute of Sleep Medicine, darkness stimulates melatonin, a natural hormone that relaxes us, makes us lower our guard and sends the brain the signal that it is time to sleep .

In fact, he is categorical and talks about the importance of darkness for a better sleep. At Comersan in the Contract field, we pay a lot of attention to the manufacture of the fabrics to achieve total darkness and a pleasant sleep.

Within the fabrics we have to distinguish two main categories, here you have a direct link to the complete classification, but this time we focus on the blackout fabrics.   

Ultradark, the fabric that achieves total darkness.

Comersan 's research department is constantly looking for new solutions. Ultradark The Ultradark achieves total darkness (only 0.0001% of the light passes through). For practical purposes, this means absolute darkness in any room during the hours of maximum light intensity. 

Unlike other curtains and fabrics on the market, Ultradark is a technical fabric developed by Comersan, which does not have synthetic coatings, is washable and does not degrade over time and does not lose its hiding power. In this way, we have patented a unique, resistant fabric with a natural drape. 

How can I protect myself from noise?

According to the European Environment Agency (EEA), one in five Europeans are subjected to noise pollution on a daily basis. This constant noise and vibration in your routine causes stress, anxiety, sleep problems and metabolic and cardiovascular diseases. 

Image from the Foscusan collection

Fabrics and curtains are also responsible for stopping sound and creating more isolated and quiet rooms. In this case, some collections such as Foscusan help us to live and sleep more isolated.

Have you ever thought about how curtains are responsible for improving your rest? Beyond fashions and colours, we always personalise our designs to the maximum, our priority is that the textile works to make us feel better.