What are the differences between Dim Out and Black Out curtains?

Black Out fabrics and Dim Out fabrics

Surely you have heard these two terms used to define the quality of certain curtains. It is in the Contract sector where we most often come across these terms, as they are often used in hotels in order to block outside light from the rooms' interior to make them more comfortable and enable a better night's sleep.

Black Out Curtains

These are curtains that manage to completely block the outside light from the windows. That is why they are also known as blackout curtains, and in this case they achieve nearly 100% darkness.

In our catalog we have many qualities with these properties, especially our Ultradark series, black out fabrics which are free of synthetic backings, flame retardant, washable and can be custom made for your needs. You can have a look at them here:

Dimout Curtains

We say Dim Out when we refer to curtains with a high percentage of opacity, without reaching 100%. That is why they are defined as dimout and not black out.

Here you have one of our best sellers, Foscusan, a dimout fabric which is also flame retardant and has noice cancelling properties:

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