100% unique and customised designs

Ethnic style is in fashion. Prints, earth tones and textures create more relaxed moods and living spaces with a slow pace and projects with an exotic touch. Would you like to bring this style to your home or business?

At Comersan we have a research department that is constantly looking for new solutions and creating prototypes to see how our textiles perform(resistance tests). Thanks to our design department, we can innovate with new designs and customise projects to the client's needs. In the photos you'll see in greater detail how we imitated to perfection the handmade finish of the fabrics and paints used in the most ethnic designs.

The goal of the project was to create the most artisanal feel possible, details that would transmit authenticity and decorate the space with soft tones. To enhance this effect, patterns were drawn that imitated traditional painting and at the same time simulated the texture and rustic details of these fabrics, but making the fabrics much more resistant and guaranteeing that the cushions and details would last for years to come .

Playing with the colors of the handmade fabrics we had exact replicas and pieces that created an ethnic mood. In the second image you can see the details better. With these tools, it's easy to add new life to the design in any home or business. The small details get our attention and create a relaxed decorative style.

Do you like the ethnic style? Remember, if you have a project in mind you can contact us so that we can start shaping it together.