Blue and neuroarchitecture

If you allow us to bet on a trend that is going to be key in the coming months, we have to talk about blue and all its range. Present in numerous Comersan collections such as Bremen, Liberty, Memphis and Franklin, it is not only becoming popular due to its versatility in different decorative styles, but its power goes one step further.

Neuroarchitecture is taking on a more relevant role in contract projects. The aim is to make people feel more at ease in our offices, to make them feel more inclined to spend time in our premises or even to make them feel at home when they step into a hotel room. In all these positive sensations, blue plays a crucial role .

Detail of the BREMEN collection

Blue, the colour of calm

It has been proven that observing and perceiving the colour blue instantly relaxes our brain. In fact, it has been shown that observing spaces where blue is predominant triggers our levels of serotonin, the happiness hormone, in a similar way to when we are near the sea.

Image from the FRANKLIN collection

Blue not only puts us in a good mood, but also conveys calm, security and gives a sense of greater sustainability to the space. For this reason, it is often one of the predominant colours in brand logos and marketing.

Although it is not recommended in dining rooms (it inhibits appetite), it can be a smart choice in halls, passageways, offices (it also enhances our ability to concentrate) or in bedrooms where rest is the top priority.

Blue at Comersan, endless possibilities!

Blue tones in the Versailles collection

At Comersan our entire sales department is ready to help and advise you. Blue tones are very easy to combine. With white and grey tones it provides luminosity, while it works very well with beiges and ochres to create calm atmospheres.

In one of our latest projects in the Suite at Sea flats we played with blue and red. A strong contrast, but one that works very well in large, bright spaces.

Do you like blue in all its chromatic range? What do the spaces where this colour predominates transmit to you?