Hotel Domes Aulus Zante

The Greek island of Zante (also known as Zakynthos), in the Ionian Sea, is known for its windmills, for having the most beautiful beach in the world and for its protected area in the bay of Laganas, where the loggerhead turtle hatches. Right in this enclave stands the Domes Aulus resort, a luxurious space, with a very careful decoration and designed for total relaxation.

At Comersan, not only have we been lucky enough to see this paradise first hand, but we have also been part of its design. Do you want to know more?

Rooms where the only protagonist is rest

A resort at the foot of the beach with an incredible pool and all the services so you don't have to do anything. The rooms continue that relaxed, Mediterranean style. 

In the large windows, we have used our Naturdark blackout fabric, which, free of synthetics for a perfect drape, ensures that the light does not enter the rooms and allows your guests to rest perfectly. Accompanying our concealing fabric, Loris and New Etamin flame retardant sheers are used to filter the light to make the room even more pleasant.

Similarly, the same tones are sought for the plaids with the Silverstone and Lotus collections, natural-looking basics that make the bed even cozier.

Soft colors to complete the decoration 

In the decoration , toasted, beige and sand tones are used to create very simple and relaxed atmospheres. Comersan has chosen the Aeris collection for the cushions, which, with its marbled and natural look, brings a pleasant feeling of relaxation to the room. Special mention to the Foster collection, Perry, in particular, which with its discreet design brings a slight nuance to the decor and fits perfectly with the soft pastel tones of the rest of the plain cushions.