Foscusan, fabrics to improve sound at home and in your business

The purpose of continuous improvement and the desire to innovate in the textile sector make our laboratory and production team and R & D are always looking for the best solutions for homes and businesses.

Foscusan was born from this constant search, a fabric that limits the sound level of the environment and improves sound quality, which favors communication between people. The technical capabilities of this fabric, especially indicated for use in curtains, make it possible to condition spaces to make them more livable, healthy and efficient. In addition, the fabric fulfills its function of concealing light and has excellent flame-retardant properties.

Being in a room with good acoustics where we can perfectly hear the person with whom we are conversing or holding a meeting is key to building healthier and more efficient spaces. 

Improve sound in the interior

Surely some of these problems and contexts are very familiar to you: chatting in a crowded place, not understanding a lecture well, losing quality in a concert if we are a little behind or not listening well to the guidelines in a meeting room. 

The applications of Foscusan technical fabric are endless. Restaurants, concert halls, airports, recording studios or conference rooms are enhanced with perfect acoustics and much clearer conversations. Its unique formula allows its fabric to enhance sound and share itself as a Dim Out fabric, maintaining total darkness in the space. 

The use of this fabric in curtains, blinds or wall murals improves the reverberation effect, putting an end to very noisy and stressful environments. Specifically, reverberation measures the gradual reduction of sound, a key part of assessing sound quality, whether in a small conference room or a large theater. Thanks to the fabrics used, the acoustics of any space can be greatly improved.

Thanks to Foscusan you get to make the rooms much more livable, healthy and efficient. Noise pollution is a very serious problem and being in a room where we not only perceive noise from outside, but we can not hear clearly our interlocutor generates stress and increases the feeling of fatigue and exhaustion. 

Validations and tests performed

The tests and trials to which our Foscusan curtain has been subjected are mainly based on its capacity to increase acoustic absorption. If it manages to reduce the sound pressure level, sound reflections and distortions are reduced, improving sound quality, and the reverberation time is shortened, improving speech intelligibility.

To develop these tests, different placement conditions are reproduced, distance from the curtain to the window, also called plenum, and curtain overhang of 0% (blind type), 100% (curtain twice as wide with pleats), 150% and 200%. The acoustic tests of the Foscusan fabric, carried out in the Reverberation Chamber of the Polytechnic School of Gandia (EPSG) of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV), are performed under real practical conditions of the curtains. The values obtained in these tests show optimal results for the use of the curtains as an absorber of excessive reverberant noise, as stated in the Basic Document on Noise Protection (DB-HR) of the Technical Building Code (CTE).

UNE EN ISO 354:2004
Acoustics. Measurement of sound absorption in a reverberation chamber (ISO 354: 1985).

UNE EN ISO 11654:1998
Acoustic absorbers for use in buildings. Evaluation of sound absorption (ISO 11654: 1997).

Basic Document of Protection against noise, mandatory for any new construction, extension, modification, reform or rehabilitation works carried out in existing buildings.

(ASTM C-423)

Customized fabrics for any test 

Of course, Foscusan is a technical fabric created one hundred percent in Comersan and as we have already mentioned, it has passed numerous tests to check its hiding, fire retardant and acoustic absorption properties.

At the same time, customization is a hallmark of the house and, in this case, we have a catalog with more than 30 colors to create custom designs and not only improve the acoustics of the space and make it more pleasant, but also decorate it in a unique way.