HD Parque San Cristóbal, the importance of light

For months the HD Parque Cristóbal Gran Canaria has undergone a major renovation. The goal was to reopen its doors with a renewed image, highlighting its practical and bright spaces. The objective is to become a reference point on the island of Gran Canaria. The hotel is divided into small bungalows that resemble a small village in the heart of Playa del Inglés, in the south of the island.

Comersan has been part of the whole project, paying special attention to the curtains. An element that not only dresses each room, but also helps customers to sleep and rest better. Below, we tell you all the details.

Curtains and Ultradark fabric

The hotel refurbishment project was carried out by IHP(International Hospitality Projects). An integral study of construction, design and projection of hotels worldwide. In this project, on the island of Gran Canaria, we were in charge of making all the curtains. A very special commission, which marks the decoration of the entire room.

Specifically, the Ultradark series was used in two stripes, playing with three different colours: russet, mustard and blue. The Ultradark fabric is unique in the world and has been developed entirely in our factory.

In particular, this type of fabric achieves 100% darkness in the room without synthetic coverings. In fact, this allows us to shut out the light in a room and maintain the beauty of a natural drape of the fabric. These curtains are combined with the Linopol IG White sheer curtain to let in light during the day.

Family Suite

Premier Suite

The importance of regulating light

It is impossible to overlook the importance of light to rest well and make us feel at peace, two basic perceptions in a hotel, where we must rest and recharge our batteries. Beyond artificial lighting, we have to evaluate natural light and how to modulate it. In the common areas of the flats we have also opted for the combination of curtains with Ultradark fabric to eliminate light and Linopol net curtains to graduate it, both fabrics designed and manufactured in Comersan and completely fireproof.

Bungalow 1 bedroom