Hotel Barceló on the island of Tenerife 

The recently renovated Barceló Tenerife Hotel is located just 10 minutes from the airport, in a unique natural paradise. In fact, the hotel is designed to blend into its surroundings and create a smaller environmental footprint. Comersan has been involved in the design of the rooms. From the curtains, essential for a good rest, to the complete customization of the walls. Do you want to know more details?

Walls, the real protagonists

Walls are crucial to decorate any room and give it all the prominence it deserves. In Comersan, we design, create, manufacture, and complete the installation process. Thanks to this, we can customize each project in order to create high impact decorations. 

In this case, the project has been carried out together with the client to customize the design, colors and textures. The headboards are exclusive for this project, our Kripton fabric serves as the base for the printing of this original wall covering that achieves not only design, but also durability and resistance .

Curtains as basic pieces of rest

Surely, if you think of something that can never fail in a hotel room, it is to have everything you need to rest.

Our blackout curtains manage to block the light and allow easy maintenance, since they do not have any synthetic coating and can be washed perfectly. Specifically, in this renovation, we combined the fabric Geodark fabric (from the Ultradark series) with the sheers Linopolto let in light during the day. 

Upholstery and other decoration details 

Although we have told you already that the walls are the bedrooms decoration protagonists, the space is made more pleasant with other details, such as the upholstery of the sofa and the cushions of the Daytona collection.
The Daytona collection is specially designed for upholstery, due to its high resistance and wide range of plain colors. The cushions of the Onawa collectionThe cushions of the Daytona collection, with ethnic designs, emphasize the sofa's decoration.

Other details to complete the decoration are the bed runners and the sofa covers, which match the Silverstone collection.