Hotel Montíboli

Hotel Montíboli

Enter the Montíboli paradise, a hotel to contemplate the stars by the sea and savour the happiness ... In a privileged enclave located on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea between two beautiful coves of crystal clear water in Villajoyosa.

Hotel with 5 stars will make your stay unforgettable.

A paradise with textiles 🔝🔝🔝🔝 that maintain their typical Arab-Levantine style.

Curtains #Ultradark Collection

The Uridark design curtains from the Ultradark collection provide total opacity in the room, to extend the rest on sunny mornings. The textured sheer curtain with great transparency to see the sea in the background.

Plaids and cushions #Archimedes Collection

If there is a textile in the Comersan collection that plays a 5-star role, it is the Arquimedes, velvety and pleasant to the touch, with a staging that does not disappoint.

If you were looking for it 🔎, you got it ... you've arrived in paradise ☀️🌴.