Hotel RIU Karamboa, in Cape Verde

Nature lover? The new luxury resort is located on the island of Boa, in Cape Verde. A paradise with a unique environment, its dunes and volcanic landscapes give the island a lunar landscape that is the counterpoint of its beaches and incredible fauna. It is normal to see from its coasts humpback whales or sea turtles. 

The new Hotel Karamboa of the RIU chain is located in this idyllic and unique environment. On this occasion, we have worked with the interior design studio DEART. 

Charm of the rooms, a haven of peace

The swimming pools, the restaurants or the hall are environments that mark the style of the hotel. Above them all are the rooms, the true protagonists of any residential complex. 

Here, the key is to prioritize the discreet decoration and oriented to promote relaxation. Much more, in this case, we are talking about a luxury hotel, only for adults and focused on offering dream vacations. 

In the sense of taking care of the best rest in the rooms, Linopol is used, a net curtain that lets the light through, and the Ultradark fabric, to prevent the entry of light. This fabric is exclusive to Comersan and, thanks to it, we achieve total darkness and a perfect drape as it has no synthetic components .

To complete the decoration, they have been personalized the plaids in soft colors and with an exclusive print for this project. Thanks to digital printing, we can take on any design. 

Lamps, armchairs and blinds to decorate a ten-star hotel

At the same time, we have also worked on the common spaces. Although we have explained everything in the last blog posts, we leave you here more details.

Lamps designed with Wallcover for maximum customization of each piece. In fact, its pattern and large size are the key to the decoration in the reception area. By using this type of panels, we can print any pattern and offer different textures. 

In the main restaurant, we have worked on the upholstery of the armchairs and designed the blinds. In this case, the blinds have been made double-sided, so that the finish is the same, both outside and inside.