Liberty and Art Deco

It is no coincidence that the Art Deco artistic movement emerged in the 1920s in France and spread very quickly to all the countries of the world. In fact, in architecture we have examples in countries as far away as Mexico, France, Germany and Argentina. 

The decade known as the happy decade brought a style that influenced architecture, fashion, painting and interior design. We have tried to capture all that essence, colour and influence in the new LIberty collection

Liberty, the perfect blend of colour and geometry

Now that we have introduced the Art Deco style a little better, we must mark geometry and the use of straight figures as one of its pillars. In fact, this style pays homage to early 20th century movements such as cubism. 

In fabrics and textiles, this kind of pattern creates calm and stability, which makes people feel better and environments much more relaxed. Of course, in this sense the colour palette is not only luxurious, but also serene to reinforce these feelings. 

Liberty, a proposal for curtains and cushions 

The elegance of the fabric and its spectacular drape make it a perfect choice for cushions and curtains. In addition, it is easy to wash so it can be used in high traffic areas or projects such as restaurants, transit areas or our home. 

In Comersan you have all the options, as you can see, both in terms of print and fabric, it is very easy to combine and to recreate different atmospheres with it.