The colors for autumn winter 2021/2022

Pantone, although it always marks its flagship colour for the year, on the occasion of the return to normality on the catwalks of London and New York, has predicted the most important colours and the tones that will be in trend during these months. 

According to the brand manager, this autumn and winter will be marked by intense, vital and energising tones... It's about building a new reality, after months of pandemic and bad news. 

If you are passionate about colours and transmitting emotions with them in every space, stay and see the complete list of proposals. It is impossible for the chosen tones to go unnoticed. 

Illumillating Yellow and Orange Ochre, vitamin colours

You may like both tones in small doses or in the upholstery of an entire armchair, but you can't deny that they fill any space with energy. Perfect in areas where we want to stimulate and awaken the senses, such as a hotel lobby, a cafeteria or transit areas. 

Fuchsia Fedora, back to 2000

In 2001 Pantone already predicted this colour as one of the key colours of the year. Now it is back again and for very intense tones such as Rhodonite, a very intense blue that, depending on the light, has purple tones. 

Winery and the Greens, a return to classicism

There are more and more trends that after the pandemic we are returning to more traditional environments. This return to the essence is marked by nature and green stands out with two tones: Leprehaum (bright and very cheerful) and Olive Branch, much more calm and Mediterranean. 

In this return to the classic, the Winery tone reminds us of burgundy. It is always an elegant colour that works well with wood. 

The palette of neutrals, Ultimate Grey, Perfectly Pale and Dowton Brown 

Finally, although we have seen very intense and saturated tones, neutrals are still central and necessary to bring calm. In this case, Pantone plays with intense browns, greys and beiges that combine with any of the previous tones. 

Do you like the more colourful or more sedate trends?