In 2005 at Cardiff University a philosophy professor coined the term Blue Monday. According to his perception, the third Sunday in January is always sad because we already know that our resolutions will not be fulfilled, we feel sad because of the lack of sunshine and the energy of Christmas is behind us.

If you don't want to fall victim to this feeling, it is important to surround yourself with colors that convey joy, optimism and bring intensity.  Although it is always easier to decorate with neutral tones, don't miss the opportunity to look for new scenarios so that your home or your contract project stands out by making everyone who passes through it feel good .

Miami Collection: yellow and green

Green and yellow always appear as the shades that convey the most joy. Both create luminous spaces and even transport us to spring-like atmospheres in the middle of winter. The Miami collection This effect can be achieved with curtains, cushions or upholstery. Perfect to bring more life to a simple living space.

Amazonas Collection, cosier tones

Another collection where yellows and greens have a lot to say. In contrast to Miami, the Amazonas collection's tones are a little softer and the floral motifs make up a beautiful combination which enables the creation of cozy living spaces.

Indira Collection, a commitment to intensity

Indira is a different collection with intense tones such as reds and blues. Undoubtedly, its chromatic range is impactful and is perfect for curtains and cushions in any living space. These types of tones transmits a lot of life, if you want to get it right you can combine them with other more neutral collections and reserve them for small accessories.

Verdi Collection, the serenity of blue

If we talk about the colors of 2022 and those that transmit peace,  we cannot leave out the blues of the Verdi collection. In this case, blues bring serenity and fit very well in different decorative styles. In the contract section you will see many examples of how blue is always a success in bedrooms and is often used in contract projects.


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