Learn more about textile flame retardant regulations.

Know the flame retardant standards

The flame retardant standards for textiles are in accordance with the type of use and application of the fabric.

  • For armchairs, cushions and upholstered seats.
  • For suspended textile elements such as curtains, drapes and curtains.
  • For vertical glued elements such as wallpaper

Standard for upholstery and cushions.

It applies to upholstered armchairs and fixed seats, this standard consists of two parts:

- UNE EN 1021-1:2014 Assessment of the flammability of upholstered furniture. Part 1, Cigarette.
- UNE EN 1021-2 - Assessment of the flammability of upholstered furniture. Part 2, ignition source; match.

In these standards, what is assessed is that the final assembly does not ignite, i.e. that it does not burn. 

Standard for curtains and draperies.

The standard for these articles is UNE EN13773:2003. In this standard, what is to be evaluated is that the fabric does not burn, nor does it make inflamed drops.
Depending on the reaction of the fabric, there are several classifications ranging from C-1 to C-5. C-1 being the best known, it is the best classification for a fabric and the one that the curtain must comply with in order to be placed in any public space.