New trends for outdoors, we're going outdoors!

At Comersan, as manufacturers, we are not only committed to top quality resistant fabrics, but we can also personalise the decoration of each corner to the maximum, creating unique and differentiating atmospheres. Below, we are going to look at three trends that can mark the summer months... 

Detail of the NAO outdoor collection

Mediterranean style, one of the strongest trends of the year

The return to the essence, to light colours and the presence of white bring luminosity to any room. Outdoors, they create simple and very relaxed atmospheres that lead us to long meals and summer naps. 

Details of the prints of the Mediterraneo collection

In this case, the outdoor collection Nao collection is a great choice because of the strength of its plain colours. In this way, we can create sofas in neutral tones such as beiges, greys and whites and then play with other more striking colours.

This type of fabrics are very resistant, due to their 100% acrylic composition and their reinforced anti-stain treatment. As we take care of the manufacture and installation, we personalise and adapt to any space.

Vivid colours and patterns, exteriors full of joy! 

Joy and positivism are precisely the sensations that the Atlantis collection transmits to us. In this case, very bright and cheerful tones to decorate any terrace or garden that does not want to go unnoticed. 

This collection also has a hygienic anti-mould and anti-bacterial treatment to avoid problems with humidity, for example when sitting in wet swimming trunks.

Small details of the Atlantis collection

In this case, you can mix prints and colours in sofas, armchairs and cushions to create very cheerful spaces. In fact, the fabric has so much presence that it is ideal to go for white, light wood and very simple furniture. Of course, if we don't want so much colour, it can be combined with the previous collection (NAO, which is based on plain colours) to brighten up spaces. 

Stripes, the trend that never fails

If there's one style that always works and is always popular with the arrival of summer, it's stripes! Both in its sailor version and in other colours such as yellow, green, brown and even black. 

Cushions from the Velero collection

In fact, in the Velero collection you will find these simpler patterns and many other more colourful ones with multicoloured stripes of different thicknesses. In addition to the colours and the sailor's look that is achieved, remember that stripes are great to play with and make spaces look bigger. 

Do you like our outdoor trends proposal? What combination of colours and prints did you find most appealing?