New RIU hotel in Senegal

Fabrics are very important when it comes to creating atmospheres, sensations and emotions. Thanks to their colours, patterns and textures we can travel to other countries, set the atmosphere of any space or design more serene and harmonious environments. At Comersan we know this very well and that personalisation is everything to differentiate your project to the maximum.

One of the latest projects we have worked on is the Boabab hotel in Senegal. The RIU chain opened its doors again to a spacious, bright space at the foot of one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Soft colours in the rooms and very personal decoration

The maxim in this project has been the personalisation of all the details. In particular, you can see the print and details of the plaid and cushions. In both cases, all the textiles have been made exclusively. In this way, we design and manufacture a unique design, which makes each space much more exclusive.

The prints are ethnic and imitate, to perfection, the texture of the artisan fabrics of the area.

The Japanese restaurant, fabrics on the ceiling to create a unique atmosphere.

One of the restaurants of the new RIU hotel in Senegal is inspired by Japan and, in addition to an excellent gastronomic offer, it has a textile decoration that immediately transports us to the country of the rising sun and its culture.

The entire ceiling is decorated with fans, a personalised design (each fabric and pattern is unique and customised for this environment) and a combination of colours that becomes the protagonist of the entire space. A project that starts in our factory, design, manufacture, confection... and that ends in Senegal, where the whole installation has been done, together with the decoration of the rooms, the hall and other spaces of this wonderful complex.