New Wander & Yoo Panama hotel

We travel to Panama, a country full of curiosities, incredible spaces and great unknown as a vacation destination. Did you know, for example, that its main city is the only one in the world with a tropical rainforest within its boundaries?

In this privileged enclave we have worked on the construction of Wander & Yoo Panama, two luxury residential buildings whose design we assure you will not go unnoticed, neither inside nor out. 

Nature as an inspiration for design

In a country with more than 10,000 different species and a unique biodiversity even within the city, the design revolves around natural elements . Each tower is inspired by different elements such as air or earth, introducing floral details and new textures. 

comersan building

Comersan's role in this unique space

Comersan has traveled to Panama to be an active part of the entire design. In the interior of the houses, curtains have been used to filter the light and create much cozier rooms. 

Specifically, Linopol curtains in white have been used. In the image, we see it placed in a semicircular shape to give a greater sense of movement.

In the bedrooms, where light is as important as the absence of light during the night, Uridark fabric has been used. Uridark fabric. It is easy to wash and 1,000 times more concealable than other dimout fabrics.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the printed Linopol fabric, which, thanks to digital printing, has become the protagonist of the space.