New designs in exterior, digital printing on leatherette 

The exterior is always one of the most complicated areas to decorate in a contract project and a real challenge for us. In addition to the conditions of continuous use, the need for easy cleaning and resistance of the fabric, there are other external agents such as the sun and water, which cause a lot of wear and tear to the fabrics. 

For these reasons, leatherette is a fabric that works very well outdoors. It provides very high resistance in upholstery, is very easy to clean (a damp cloth is enough to remove any kind of stain) and shows a magnificent result outdoors. 

Taking advantage of all these benefits, this hotel in Mexico has chosen these printed designs on leatherette for the outdoor area, creating a relaxed and flowing style with the spacious sofas. In the images, you can see the chill out space and how the fabric is the protagonist of the whole decoration.

Specifically, at Comersan, we resorted to digital printing on leatherette to ensure the durability of the cushions and that the colors would remain the same over time. In addition, each design is exclusive for this project, so we created a dynamic space with tones that remind us of the sea and transmit the capacity for relaxation of the space. 

If you liked this work, we invite you to see other similar works such as the case of the digital printing to imitate ethnic fabrics or the oriental applications in the dining room of the RIU hotel in Senegal.

The design is signed by the interior design and architecture studio An exclusive space that is focused on the design of hotels, fortunately, we can work with them on many projects and make reality with our fabrics.