The El Albir flats are located on the beachfront and from them we can appreciate the Mediterranean. Precisely, this Mediterranean essence is evident in the choice of intense colours such as the blue of the sea and the patterns chosen to decorate the beds and other details.

In fact, when you enter the flats it is the first thing that strikes you. The blue of the Palmeiras we find in the plaid of the bed. At the same time, white bedspreads from our PLA collection have been used.

In order to maximize the light of Valencia, Linopol sheers were chosen in white, so we can illuminate any room. Something basic if we find ourselves with projects where there is little space or we want to maximize the light to create more pleasant rooms.

Take a closer look at the Palmeiras collection

As protagonists of the EL ALBIR flats, it is worth paying attention to the Palmeiras collection. The collection is focused on giving colour and exotic prints to curtains, cushions and bed linen.

We are not only talking about prints full of leaves and flowers, but the bright colours are the perfect counterpoint for white or very neutral rooms. Here we leave you some images of the collection, a thousand possibilities to turn your decoration or contract project around! 


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