Personalized plaids, the final touch in decoration

Do you know what definition comes up if you look up the term plaid in an English dictionary? Lightweight plaid blanket. Fortunately, the plaid has been generalized and evolved to new designs, becoming the differential touch of any space.

Plaids are always the fabrics that are placed at the foot of the bed. In Comersan we customize them to the maximum and combined with other elements of the room, even with the ceiling and headboards as in the case of the Hotel RIU Chiclana.

Their designs and colors have soon become the perfect counterpoint in decoration. At Comersan, we know that they can mark a before and after in any room. 

Image of the RIU Ocho Rios Hotel in Jamaica.

Plaid and focal point 

All interior designers, when decorating, look for focal points in the room that stand out and draw our attention when we enter. In the bedroom, this point is concentrated in the bed and the headboard; therefore, the fabrics and their design are fundamental. 

Plaids at the foot of the bed have several functions. On the one hand, they make it softer and more comfortable; on the other hand, they give a greater sense of spaciousness in the room and contrast with the rest of the bedding, such as duvet covers, cushions or bedspreads.

In the picture  Alausoul Hotel

In fact, in the most upscale hotelsIn fact, they are always presented over the white bedding to create contrast and make the decor more harmonious. 

Maximum customization, each space is unique

At Comersan, we firmly believe that it is one of the details that make a difference in any hotel, home or decoration project .

In the picture RIU Baobab Hotel in Senegal

At the beginning of any job, the design team puts a lot of emphasis on customizing the patterns and colors, creating a common thread in the room . We can design them to match the rest of the bedding, with small prints combined with the cushions or with the same collections used in the curtains. 

In the picture May Altafulla Hotel in Tarragona

Here are some examples of contract projects where plaids highlight the bed and create much more comfortable and pleasant rooms. 

Palace Hotel Maspalomas

RIU Palace Hotel Antillas

RIU Hotel Buenavista

In the picture Barceló Hotel in Tenerife