Recommended use of upholstery

In the technical data sheet of each article, is where all its technical characteristics and recommended uses are reflected.
As for recommended use we have upholstery, which can be classified into three-star, two-star and one-star use.

UNE EN 14465:2004

To give one of these classifications to an article we base ourselves on the standard " UNEEN14465:2004. Upholstery fabrics. Specifications and test methods".

Fabrics are tested for abrasion, pilling, seam slippage, tensile strength, tear strength, i.e. physical tests.

Depending on the results obtained from the different tests, they are classified as follows:

3-star upholstery is the best classification for upholstery, as the fabric has a high physical resistance to heavy use.

2 star upholstery, medium duty. The fabric works perfectly as upholstery for medium use.

1 star upholstery, light duty. The fabric offers performance for a light duty upholstery.


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