RIU Maspalomas, reopens a Gran Canaria classic

In front of the Duna de Maspalomas, one of the most iconic locations on the Island of Gran Canaria, you'll find the RIU hotel. After five months of renovation, in which Comersan has had an active roll in the interior design, it has reopened and rooms are selling out. Those responsible for the hotel mention that in the continuous search for natural light, you will see the importance of the curtains, and the earthy colors of the archipelago, are the cornerstones of the design .

If you want to see the new details of this five-star hotel, designed for adults only, don't miss any of the photos...

Common areas, from the hall to the restaurant

It is always a pleasure to participate in the renovation of a hotel, even more so if we are talking about a unique place like RIU Maspalomas. In this case, the entrance maintained its traditional look, but with important new features such as the curtains that cover the large windows. The importance of capturing the light of the island is solved with two large curtains who's height is extremely impressive.

Common areas of the RIU Maspalomas hotel with curtains

Similarly, in the restaurant we covered the large windows with earth tone blinds. This allows the light to be controlled, preserves the views of the mythical beach and creates a more comfortable atmosphere.

Finally, speaking of the common areas, it is important to take notice of the upholstered pillars. A completely unique concept exclusively designed for this project. By overseeing the whole process from design, production and installation in contract, we can meet any challenge.

Common areas of the hotel RIU Maspalomas

The rooms, the heart of the hotel

Although the common areas are very important, bedrooms are the focus of any hotel. The rooms are decorated in earth tones which remind us of the sand dunes at sunset and the colors of Gran Canaria

A unique design where Comersan has installed the curtains and bed runner which matches the wallpaper. For the curtains we opted for a blackout (Blacksan) and a sheer to easily control the intensity of light and provide privacy.