Riu Plaza España

The Hotel Riu Plaza España, located in the renowned Edificio España on Madrid's Gran Vía, has 27 floors with a wide variety of facilities to make your stay an unforgettable experience.

To the sky of Madrid

Comfort from the top, that's what this cosy room conveys. What is striking is the magnificent drape produced by our URIDARK blackout fabric, which has a 100% blackout look, fire retardant and is also fully washable.

Presidential Suite

For the bed plaid we made a jacquard fabric with a special volume and herringbone pattern with a very soft and light result.

Deluxe Superior King

For the common areas, it is worth highlighting the soft touch of the double-sided fireproof velvet curtains, made to a special size according to the needs of the area to be covered.

High brightness brings us this fancy net curtain with high decorative value. To access our net curtain collections, click on the link:

Flame retardant net curtains
Organza net curtains