Fabrics for auditoriums and theaters

In auditoriums and theaters, curtains are essential. Not only to dress the space and decorate it, but also to ensure good acoustics of the space. In this case, we see in detail the placement of a high curtain.

In this type of work we always use fireproof fabrics (according to regulations), in particular, taffetas and velvets are recommended to dress the stage. We always offer trimmings options, being able to customize to the maximum the choice of colors and designs .

At this point, it is also essential that the curtains are easy to open . We have mechanisms, both manual and motorized, so that it does not cost any work to move all the curtains and it is not heavy.

Finally, we count on our team of installers, who travel to the site and carry out the installation with all the safety measures .

All images correspond to the installation in the town hall of Mogente.