Customized fabrics and curved cuts

Undoubtedly, first impressions in decoration not only count, but are decisive. When entering a hotel, colors, fabrics and design should bring us elegance, calm and a touch of sophistication.

These three adjectives are reflected in this new installation project in Mexico. In the lobby bar area of the hotel, every detail has been personalized with fabrics made in curves and arches, which give character and movement to the entire space.

Achieving movement through the fabric 

Curves and movement are one of the hottest trends in the contract world. In fact, we will see it regularly in the coming months in many of our jobs.

On this occasion, the presence of the chosen fabric, the cut, the tailoring and the installation provide that cadence and a much more lively design of the space. It also highlights the use of color in contrast with other architectural elements.

One hundred percent customized 

At Comersan, we pride ourselves in carrying out the entire process of design, fabrication and final installation of all our work. On this occasion, after designing and researching the entire space, our team traveled to Mexico to ensure that the final result was perfect.

With this work methodology, we are sure at all times that the result will be as expected, both by us and by our clients. In this case, the design is in charge of Deart Hotel, an architecture and interior design studio focused on contract and hotel design.

Foscusan, a fabric that works as an acoustic absorber

The choice of fabric is also one of the most important factors in this installation. It is our dim-out Foscusana fabric that works as an acoustic absorber, improves sound quality, which favors communication between people. The technical capabilities of this fabric make it possible to condition spaces to make them more livable, healthy and efficient. In addition, the fabric has excellent flame-retardant properties.