Raw trend, the taste for the natural

RAW trend? Take note of this term because it is gaining more and more followers and contract projects. The word raw means untreated, without artifice. It is a concept that comes from the gastronomic world and refers to raw food, uncooked and where we are going to enjoy all its flavour without accompaniments. When it lands in the world of decoration, the trend speaks of wood, stone and textiles as basic elements.

It is a sober, very neutral style that brings us back to the essence, to nature... Below, we are going to see one of the collections that fulfils all the premises of the RAW style and images of the May Altafulla hotel, where this idea of opting for nature has been followed. Remember that whether carried out in its most purist form, or used only in small touches, the raw style is harmonious and chic.

Onawa, RAW essence in your project

The Onawa collection reflects better than any other the natural, untreated and harmonious essence of this decorative trend. Marked by black and white prints, it has ethnic touches and a touch that speaks to us of untreated fabrics, which keep all their essence.

Without a doubt, it fits great in upholstery, curtains, cushions or plaid to place at the foot of the bed. In fact, as we can see in the images, it is the perfect complement to natural fibre armchairs or untreated wood furniture.

May Altafulla as a perfect example of this trend

One of our latest projects, the Hotel May Altafulla in Tarragona. A style that calls for rest, serenity and very neutral tones, to achieve this sensation in every corner.

If you think about all the premises of the RAW style, they are fulfilled in every room: very soft colours, importance of wood in every detail (pay attention to the headboards) and textiles to achieve a warmer and cosier atmosphere.