Decoration trends, geometric collections

Geometric collections have a perfect mix of color and straight lines. In fact, it has been proven that the infinite and regular sequences of geometric fabrics are able to relax our brains and create an immediate peaceful effect. At Comersan, there are several collections where symmetry and harmony are guaranteed.

Cheerful colors and pastel palette

One of the trends that brought geometric patterns back with a vengeance, although it is true that they have never gone out of fashion, has been the Nordic trend. The use of subdued and simple designs with mellow tones are key in collections such as Memphis, Bremen and Foster.

In all three cases, their colors and fabrics are perfect for curtains and upholstery. In fact, any sofa, chair or armchair marked with these colors can completely transform any room.

Sirocco Collection, a taste for neutrals

Geometric prints are not only perfect for adding a touch of color to the room or creating contrasts, but also for adding a touch of color to the room. Sirocco collection The use of very neutral and pastel tones with straight line patterns is also a good way to create a perfect base for introducing new colors or creating much calmer rooms. In this way, we get a perfect base to introduce new colors or create much calmer rooms.

Liberty Collection, one of the novelties of Comersan

Liberty is one of the latest collections to join the family. Here, far from pastel or softer tones, geometric prints in colors that remind us of trends such as Art Deco.

Browns, camel and black and white prints for a much more sophisticated look. The entire collection can be used and combined with cushions and curtains. At the same time, it features easy-clean technology, perfect for communal areas or restaurants in our contract projects.

Esmeralda and Franklin, chenille geometrics

Chenille is a type of fabric with a very soft, resistant feel and cut pile that makes it a staple in upholstery. In fact, it is the fabric most commonly used for this purpose. The Comersan chenille collections include Esmeralda and Franklin.

Both are perfect for creating color contrasts on sofas or armchairs. At the same time,in both collections we are looking for colors with a lot of weight and presence such as purples, browns, greys, intense blues or mustards.

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