Textiles and flowers, the perfect trend

We don't know if we can say thatflowers are a trend this year, because they are a constant in the world of textiles . In fact, some prints have a name and a history of their own, such as Liberty, which has been associated with the English Royal House since the 19th century. 

Contrary to popular belief, flowers are not only an essential decorative element in cushions, curtains or plaid and bedspreads, but also combine very well with other geometric prints or stripes, as long as the colour palette is similar .

In the following, we are going to analyse some of the Comersan collections where flowers play a central role. 

Soft colours, within the palette of neutrals

If you are looking for a soft decoration, with friendly tones and a very cosy effect, perfect for bedrooms or common areas in hotels and businesses, the Denver and Dante collections are an excellent choice. In the Denver collection, the Garden series stands out with small flowers, perfect for a delicate, country feel. 

In the picture the Denver collection

In fact, it is worth noting, in this last one, the perfect mix of plaid with floral and Paisley prints.

Intense colours, Mildred and Maverick

The Mildred and Maverick collections are part of the palette of bright colours. Here, flowers remain in strong, contrasting colours, mixed with geometric patterns.

Within the collections you can find plain and other prints to create combinations as cheerful as this bedroom. 

Mildred Collection

Rosella and Toscana, classic drawings

We close this tour of the floral collections with two of the most popular ones. Rosella and Toscana are marked by classic and very delicate designs. 

Rosella Collection

In both collections the tones are very soft and match perfectly with rustic, calm and elegant atmospheres.