Textures for your walls, new Wallcover finishes!

The Wallcover by Comersan series is composed of designs and panels of great visual impact.

Thanks to its versatility, we can create large decorations in any business, local, hotel... Today, in addition to knowing their benefits and how easy it is to decorate with them, we will focus on their endless options to simulate new textures. From wood to marble or stone? There are no limits!

Fireproof materials, very easy to wash and highly resistant, these murals are designed to be in high traffic areas and always look like the first day. Something fundamental when we approach a new product is to focus on aesthetics, without forgetting the most practical part. 

Textures such as wood, rust or fabrics bring a new dimension to any decorative project. At Comersan, thanks to the new Wallcover finishes, it is easy to add this plus to the decoration with maximum functionality. 

Metalcover, metallic finishes

A smooth, metallic finish with a moderate sheen. It is applied directly to the wall with glue. We always create identical panels so that we can easily adjust them and avoid wasting product. 

Vaniawall, the softness of textiles

In this case, we have achieved a very natural and cozy finish, thanks to a perfect imitation of the fabric on your walls. This model has a high resistance, which makes it essential in the most delicate areas such as restaurants or hotel bedrooms. 

Papyruscover, Plowcover and Gluecover, PVC free

Within the category of PVC-free wallcoverings, the Papyruscover finish is very versatile and easy to apply in any style. Its papyrus effect finish makes it a very elegant option.
Plowcover, on the other hand, has a natural look with a vertical line finish. Ideal for spaces with low ceilings or where you want to enhance the amplitude. Gluecover provides a light texture in a matte finish.
Like the other models, all three are very resistant and easy to clean .

Sandcover, rough aspects

The Sandcover model is one of the most demanded thanks to its rough appearance with small volumes and its fine-grained texture. As in other models, we work with special and customized sizes. 

Glossy or matte? Satincover or Glossycover

Within the designs we develop, we can customize each product to the maximum by creating unique designs. You can choose between two finishes: Glossycover for glossy finishes, Satincover if you prefer a matte finish.

Texturecover, natural look

We close the tour of the Wallcover models with Texturecover. In this case, it has a natural look (perfect for RAW trends) and the final texture resembles linen. It has very light volumes. 

If you want to create a high impact decoration in your project, contact us. It will be a pleasure to show you all the possibilities, customize your project and create a unique decoration for you.