Ultradark, total darkness and contracting

How can you achieve total darkness without using blinds? The answer is Ultradark and it is patented by Comersan. In fact, for various reasons, which we are going to detail below, it is one of the fabrics in highest demand in the installation of hotels, businesses and private homes. Now we can enjoy large windows without blinds, total privacy and a restful night's sleep.

Here's why Ultradark is unlike anything else on the market today. In fact, we are sure that this is a game changer in the world of black out fabrics. Take note.

100% black out in all outdoor conditions

Darkness is a priority in the bedroom for restful sleep and in other areas, such as dining rooms or living rooms, for privacy at night. In fact, not having a dark room makes us sleep worse and wake up feeling tired. Logically, no one wants a bad experience in a hotel or at home, hence the importance of creating the best black out fabric in the world.

The Central House Hotel in Madrid with Ultradark curtains

Thanks to the Ultradark fabric for curtains, total darkness (blocking out the light 1,000 times more than other dim-out fabrics) is achieved in full daylight and in direct sunlight.

Synthetic-free and flame retardant

Thanks to our research, we have achieved a fabric that is that has a pleasant hand, hangs perfectly and is completly free of synthetic backing. Moreover, as it is developed entirely in our facilities, we can apply with different patterns, designs and colors. In fact, within this category, there are three collections: Geodark, Naturdark (with a marbled finish) and Uridark.

In some projects such as the HD San Cristobal Hotel in Gran Canaria, curtains were designed in two colours to give a dynamic look to the decor. You can find the complete blog here.

Two-tone Ultradark curtains in the HD San Cristobal Hotel

At the same time, we have made it a completely washable fabric, which makes it very easy to care for. Finally, its flame retardant certification makes it the best fabric for your contract projects .