Advantages of making textiles at home

One of the hallmarks of the company, beyond its long history, years of experience and work in more than 80 countries, is being able to have total control of the entire process. From the first email to the placement of the last detail, everything goes through our hands. So not only do we have the best quality, but we are able to personalise everything, correct possible mistakes and look for solutions that make life easier for our clients .

In today's post, we are going to tell you in brief about the process of our work, from the start of any project to the installation. From the start of any project to the installation. Are you coming on a virtual visit to the heart of Comersan?

The first step, the integral design of everything .

This first step is always exciting. We sit down with the client or with the architecture studio to define materials, which fabrics are appropriate, which ones meet the functional part of the job (we have more than 5,000 textile references so we always adapt to any requirement). Once the most functional part has been defined, the colours and design come in.

When it comes to design, we can choose unique blends and prints as reflected in our Aplicattions Academy projects, an example being the Garland Hotel in Italy. In this particular case, everything is customised to reflect the magic and creativity of the environment, in fact, you can see that each room is unique, as we can design and manufacture it ourselves, there are no impossibilities!

Once the design part is defined, everything goes down to printing, weaving and tailoring. This is where each project takes shape. Doing everything from Spain is the only way to know one hundred percent that everything is of the highest quality, to investigate new fabrics or to try out different finishes.

An example of this search for constant improvement is the Ultradark fabric, created by our team. Here we have a fabric that achieves total darkness in any room and in any situation (even in direct sunlight or in the middle of the day). At the same time, it is made without any synthetics, so its finish is natural. In fact, this fabric has been a basic in the latest contract projects such as The Central Hotel in Madrid or the hotel San Cristobal in Las Palmas.

Finally, it's time to look at the fabric, do all the checks and install. It is always a pleasure the final moment, when we see everything leave the factory. Of course, again we travel with everything and our team does the installation at the hotels, businesses or homes. This way we manage to solve any unforeseen issues in record time and make sure everything is perfect.