Very Peri, the color of 2022, according to Pantone

Once again, Pantone, which chose a similar color in 2018 with Ultra Violet, has returned to the violet range. In this case, Very Pery is a color that has been created from scratch and mixes the range of blues with violet-red touches. The result is color reference 17-3938 on the famous Pantone chart and is characterised by its versatility.

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The company points to the new color as a call for optimism and a new begining.  In fact, they explain in their press release that this color is a door between the physical or digital world, a new space where both understand each other. Beyond the concept, in the world of design it is a very interesting and chameleon-like color.

On one hand, it's perfect to combine and give light to spaces with dark woods, browns and beiges. 

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Other brands are also defining their colors for 2022.

Although Pantone is always the one that gets the most attention, we cannot deny that there are other brands making their bets for 2022. First of all, the firm Comex (paint specialists) is betting on a nectarine color where orange brings vitality to the decor. Bruguer (also paint specialists) is opting for very soft blues to create living spaces where creativity reigns supreme.

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Finally, we finish this one with Behr, which stands out a little from the rest of the brands and opts for a more elegant and baroque color such as the Breezeway MQ3-21. A greenish and silver tone, perfect for elegant environments or Art Deco touches.

Do you like the new colors for 2022 and are you going to use any of them in your Contract projects?