Wallcover, applications in a real project 

Comersan Wallcover decorative panels are designed to create high impact decorations. The idea is to decorate large walls to create a fully customized decoration. This type of wallcovering goes one step further in the RIU Karamboa Hotel project in Cape Verde .

Customized lamps and decoration axis 

On this occasion, we moved to the hotel reception, an open space full of light. It features large round lamps. 

Wallcover is used in curve, with an exclusive design and fringed decoration for a more sophisticated touch. The great advantage of working with our Wallcover series is that we can customize not only the design, but also the uses we give it to create unique projects. 

Custom designs, easy washing and more features 

The Wallcover by Comersan series has been one of the major launches of 2022. In this sense, it is a versatile, fireproof, easy to wash and very resistant product. We always recommend it in halls, hotel bedrooms or restaurants, as it remains unalterable over the years and always in perfect condition. 

The designs have identical patterns so that they can be placed easily and everything fits together effortlessly. The advantage of manufacturing everything in our factory allows us to customize each project in a unique way.

The design of the project is signed by the interior design and architecture studio Deart.es. An exclusive space that is focused on the design of hotels, fortunately, we can work with them on many projects and make reality with our fabrics.